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Escort Passport iQ Detector with Navigation

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Escort Passport iQ Detector with Navigation
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GPS and radar all in one handy device

You've got places to go and you want to get there safely - why clutter up your car with a GPS navigator and a radar detector? Escort's Passport iQ gives you the twin advantages of accurate GPS guidance and reliable radar detection in one convenient device that'll keep you informed of your whereabouts as well as potential threats.

State-of-the-art display and trustworthy GPS guidance

The Passport iQ's 5" color touchscreen is larger than most GPS units on the market, making it easy to follow the action as you view maps of Canada and the entire U.S. The lane guidance feature puts you in the right place for upcoming maneuvers, and you'll hear helpful voice prompts announce street names at turns. You'll also see important posted speed limit information along your route and you can set the detector to give you audible warnings when you're going too fast. Quick access to thousands of points of interest helps you find food, fuel, and lodging with a few finger taps.

Access to red light and speed camera database

The Passport iQ's GPS capability is enhanced by Escort's Defender Database, which stores thousands of red-light and fixed-position speed cameras throughout North America. You'll see icons and receive warnings for these threats on the iQ's display with plenty of warning. You can mark positions for new cameras and speed-trap locations in your area so the iQ will remember them for future excursions. Escort includes a 90-day trial and offers optional paid subscriptions to keep your Defender Database current through your PC - certain Windows® operating systems may be required to update the database (see Highlights below).

Dependable radar coverage

The Passport iQ detects four common radar bands plus laser signals, with Escort's trademark long-range accuracy. It also offers immunity from VG-2 detection and lets you record known locations of false warnings so you won't hear them in the future. The iQ lets you adjust settings and program functions to match your driving style.

AutoSensitivity adjusts the detection to your speed to reduce false alerts. Escort includes a SmartCord with LED alert lighting for detected threats as well as a mute button. You can choose from several display options for radar-only, GPS-only, or both, which means you can defeat the detector when you're driving through an area where radar detectors are illegal.

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